Samsung Galaxy Wings: Is this the foldable phone you’ve been waiting for?

Samsung has never been shy about its quest to create truly foldable technology – but do we finally have a name for it?

A Samsung patent filing that depicts a foldable mobile computing device has given us a big clue as to Samsung’s naming intentions, as revealed by tech blog GalaxyClub. In one of the patent’s supporting images, there’s a message written on the screen of the device in question, which reads as follows:

“Dear Sir or madam! Thank you for purchasing our Galaxy Wings today! Now you can enjoy our virtual keyboard, while having maximum space for writing and reading your e-mails. Enjoy your time with Galaxy Wings!”


The device pictured appears to be a smartphone-sized object that folds out to have keyboard extensions on either side, making it look like an elongated tablet that’s crossed with a Bluetooth keyboard. Another image shows the device being bent over into a quarter of a circle, and even a semi-circle to be worn around the wrist.


Considering the huge number of Samsung patents that relate to foldable technology, it’s no surprise that the company is beginning to settle on a name. Of course, there’s no guarantee that the Galaxy Wings moniker will ever actually see the light of day. And as with all patents, there’s also no telling whether Samsung will actually ever produce a truly foldable smartphone or tablet.


However, Samsung does have the benefit of being the world’s most successful smartphone OLED manufacturer – in contrast to OLED TV-dominating LG – so if anyone can do it, it’ll be Samsung.

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