Best Galaxy S9 Deals: Unmissable contract offers with extra £100 off

Best Galaxy S9 Deals: You can save up to £100 in cashback when you opt in for one of several amazing Galaxy S9 contracts.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 proved to be one of the most popular smartphones over Black Friday, thanks in part to some cracking contracts – but who says it has to end there? There are several O2 contracts available right now for the Galaxy S9 that can earn you a swish £100 cashback, but it’s the following two that really stand out from the pack.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Deals

Samsung Galaxy S9 – 4GB data on O2 (£100 cashback)

An absolutely sensational deal has gotten even better. We've never seen this contract for as low as this. The total cost of ownership amounts to just £500 after two years if you factor in the £100 cashback from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S9 – 30GB of data on O2 (£100 cashback)

If 4GB just doesn't cut it for a sassy streamer such as yourself, this 30GB alternative is the one to go for. Also with a massive £100 cashback to claim.

The 4GB contract at just £25 a month and with no upfront cost is an absolute steal for anyone who enjoys just the occasional bit of streaming. If you deduct the £100 cashback from the total cost of ownership, this incredible contract will only set you back by £500 over two years. Not too shabby for one of the best smartphones on the market.

If you’re more inclined to watch Netflix whilst walking down the street (hey, no judgement here), then the 30GB contract at only £36 a month – also with no upfront cost ­– simply cannot be missed. Again, factoring in that massive £100 cashback, you’re looking to pay just £764 over two years, which equates to just £7.70 a month for the data alone. That’s a ridiculously cheap price for a 30GB allowance.

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The cashback process is nice and simple, too:

“Enjoy up to £150 cashback with your mobile order this month, available on selected Samsung deals until 24th December. If you purchase a qualifying deal, please claim your cashback reward by visiting Samsung’s promotional page and entering the requested information – including your handset IMEI and proof-of-purchase – within 30 days . Once Samsung have verified your claim, just allow 30 days to receive your cashback through bank transfer.”

At this point though, you might be wondering how the S9 stacks up against other flagship devices such as the iPhone XS and the Huawei P20 Pro – pretty well actually. The S9’s longer shelf life has seen it drop to an affordable price more quickly than its competitors, but the Samsung phone still has plenty of power under the hood to attract your attention.

With an end-to-end OLED display, the S9 remains one of the prettiest smartphones out there, but its Dolby Atmos support and wireless fast charging capabilities really make the device stand out.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Deals

Samsung Galaxy S9 – 4GB data on O2 (£100 cashback)

An absolutely sensational deal has gotten even better. We've never seen this contract for as low as this. The total cost of ownership amounts to just £500 after two years if you factor in the £100 cashback from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S9 – 30GB of data on O2 (£100 cashback)

If 4GB just doesn't cut it for a sassy streamer such as yourself, this 30GB alternative is the one to go for. Also with a massive £100 cashback to claim.

In our Galaxy S9 review, Mobiles Editor Max Parker wrote: “It has a great camera, svelte design and and handy features like a water-resistant body and Qi charging. It’s not a huge step-forward, but it’s still a great phone.”

The offer of £100 cashback will be running until December 24th, but we recommend getting in there early before word gets around and the S9 ends up going out of stock.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 not the phone for you?

What’s new with the Samsung Galaxy S9?

The big new addition to the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the provision of a mechanical aperture to its 12-megapixel main camera. This enables you to take even better low-light images than before.

Think of this feature as operating a bit like your pupils. It dilates when it’s dark, scooping up as much available light as possible. When there’s plenty of light around, on the other hand, it will contract.

Being able to open up to a wide f/1.5 aperture also creates the possibility for some gorgeous bokeh, which is that blurred-out background effect you get with high quality cameras. It really serves to make your subjects pop on the Galaxy S9.

Another new camera feature is super slow-motion mode, which can capture 960fps footage. This means that you can capture 0.2 seconds of real-time action and slow it down to 6 seconds of dramatic slo-mo footage.

It’s not exactly new, but the Samsung Galaxy S9’s super AMOLED display continues to be the best in the field, while the bezels that surround it have gotten even thinner. You also get the addition of Dolby Atmos stereo speakers, which have been tuned by AKG. It results in way better audio than any previous Galaxy S phone.

Samsung’s new AR Emoji may well get you excited too, as they let you create customised animated emoji with your own face. Samsung has also partnered with Disney on a range of AR Emoji featuring characters from the famous animation company.

How to pick the best Galaxy S9 deal for you

Samsung Galaxy S9

Decide what you’re willing to pay upfront

The upfront cost is what you pay at the beginning of your contract for your shiny new phone. As a general rule of thumb, the more you can pay upfront, the less you’ll pay overall. The overall cost is known as the total cost of ownership (TCO), and this is your monthly charge multiplied by the length of your contract plus the upfront cost.

So a £30pm contract that lasts 24 months with a £100 upfront cost would equate to (£30 x 24) + £100 = £820.

But what you’re willing to pay upfront will be down to personal circumstance. It’s not the end of the world paying slightly more after two years if that’s the difference between having the smartphone of your dreams… and not.

How much data do you need?

Data is the biggest differentiator between one tariff and the next. No one really cares how many call minutes or texts they get, as they’re no longer as important. Most contracts will give you far more than you’ll ever need.

Nowadays, data allowance is the biggest commodity. Data is needed to let you browse the web, stream video or music and use apps like WhatsApp to send and receive messages or make video calls. Light users will typically get away with 4-10GB of data, but anyone who is a heavy streamer will likely want more.

Tethering your data connection is also a great way to make use of any excess minutes. You can turn on the mobile hotspot on your Galaxy S9 and share your internet with another device like a tablet or laptop. That’s great if you’re working on the move.

Be sure to compare the higher data tariffs against the lower options, too. Often, you can pay the same price a month and get more data, and there’s really no reason not to opt for the bigger package if the price is the same. It gets you peace of mind that you won’t run out, and you never know when you might become engrossed by a new Netflix show that you absolutely must stream while on your morning commute.

How to choose the right mobile network

When it comes to deciding which network provider to side with, you’re so spoilt for choice that the process can seem rather daunting. Every provider is vying for your attention and they’ll do all that they can to get it. Luckily for you however, we’ve narrowed down the best perks and packages to suit everyone from the data junkie to the long-distance caller.


Three’s Go Binge service is its big selling point. This means apps like Netflix and Apple Music don’t count against your data allowance. Considering streaming films off Netflix can take a massive dent, that’s a great incentive. It can mean the difference between needing to opt for a low data package versus a more expensive big data package. It can also mean you don’t use up all of your data a week into the billing month, potentially leaving you sitting there twiddling your thumbs until it renews (or you fork out more money).


Vodafone has tariffs like Red Entertainment, which includes free subscriptions to the likes of NOW TV, Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV. Considering Spotify normally costs £9.99 a month, that’s a massive saving over the course of your contract. If you already want one of these services, it’s worth factoring this when picking your provider.

Recently, Vodafone also bolstered its roaming options, now letting you use your home network plan in an expanded 77 countries abroad for those on certain packages (such as Red Entertainment). If you’re a regular traveller, this might help set Vodafone apart, as otherwise using your phone abroad can be very costly.


O2 Refresh is a great incentive. This splits your monthly bill into essentially two payments: the cost of your phone, and then your service plan. Once you’ve paid off the cost of your phone, your monthly bill will reduce. You can also choose to trade in your phone to upgrade to a newer model at any time. Great if you always need the latest and greatest, and the idea of using the same phone for 24 months doesn’t appeal.

There are also flexible contracts that let you adjust your airtime tariff up or down once a month. Great if you need the flexibility.


EE offers six months free Apple Music and three months of BT Sports on mobile as part of most of its packages. It also has the biggest 4G coverage in the UK (in its own words), which is great.


If you find yourself not using all of your data each month, it won’t go to waste with iD Mobile. That’s because handily anything not used rolls over to the next month.

Make sure you check mobile coverage

Deciding which provider to go with based on the amount of data they offer is a frequent occurrence in the modern age. Before you make that choice however, you should check to see how well each provider fares in covering your local area. As we all know, there’s nothing worse than failing to update your Instagram story with the next great shot because of a lousy signal.

Check the links below to see which of the main providers offer the best coverage for you:

Wi-Fi calling

If you find yourself in a place with no network coverage but a solid Wi-Fi connection, you can use Wi-Fi Calling to still make and receive calls and text messages. This uses an internet connection instead of cellular coverage, and the calls and minutes just come out of your regular tariff allowance. It can get you out of a bind and is a great option for places that traditionally have bad coverage, such as a basement.

Keep your phone number

Happy with the fact that you’ve finally remembered your mobile number off by heart? Well there’s nothing stopping you from keeping that number when you change to a new network provider – and the process couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is get in contact with your previous provider and ask them for your PAC code. Once it’s been sent over, simply tell your new provider what the PAC code is and you’ll be back to reciting your old number before you know it.

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