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Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date, Rumours, News, Specs and Price

Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 release date is finally upon us, with the next powerhouse of the smartphone space having hit retailers’ shelves on April 10.

One of the major talking points on the 2015 tech calendar, the Galaxy S6 release date was confirmed during Samsung’s MWC 2015 press conference on March 1. Having kept consumers waiting, the phone finally hit retailers just days after arguably its closest rival, the HTC One M9.

You will need to have saved up a fair chunk of change if you’re planning on snapping up the device too, as the S6 isn’t coming cheap. With the phone now on sale, wannabe owners will be forced to fork out northwards of £599.99 to secure the device. The spin-off Galaxy S6 Edge is even more expensive, with prices kicking off at a wallet-busting £760.

Both devices feature impressive spec sheets with 64-bit, octa-core Exynos 7420 processors lining up alongside 16-megapixel, OIS-enhanced rear-mounted cameras and 5.1-inch, 2K displays. The only major difference is that the Edge’s panel, as its name suggests, has been curved down over both the phone’s left and right hand edges.

This might not be the end of the S6 spin-offs either, as reports have already surfaced around the potential introduction of a waterproof Galaxy S6 Active and the dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy S6 Duo.

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We will continue to update this page with all the latest on the Galaxy S6, including formalised pricing, the best deals and how you can get the most out of the device. Bookmark it now to keep on top of all things S6.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date: When and where can I buy one?

That’s it, the waiting is over and the Samsung Galaxy S6 is now finally on sale. Having hit global retailers on April 10, the handset touched down just over a week after the release date of one of its biggest
rivals, the HTC One M9.

For those after the device, there are plenty of purchasing options to make your choice a little more confusing.

With five Samsung Galaxy S6 colours to be available at launch – ‘White Pearl’, ‘Black Sapphire’, ‘Gold Platinum’, ‘Blue Topaz’ and ‘Green Emerald’ – the handset will also be offered in three storage options, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. This Apple-esque approach has been forced upon Samsung by the phone’s lack of microSD expansion.

Ensuring this 15 strong combination of phones is readily available from day one, a number of UK networks and retailers offered extensive pre-order programmes.

A full list of where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 can be found by following the link.

If these standard colour schemes aren’t up your street, fret not, gadget guilders have already confirmed plans to give the handset a 24-carat gold makeover.

Brining the device into Apple Watch Edition levels of luxury, the 24-carat gold S6 is being produced by the folks at Goldgenie with prices to start from £1,664 excluding VAT.

If 24-carat gold isn’t high-end enough for you, the handset will also be offered in Rose Gold and Platinum plating.

Despite having avoided a release clash with its big, MWC announced rivals, the S6’s April 10 touch down saw it coincide with the long awaited Apple Watch release date.

The Apple Watch might not hit retailers until April 24, but the techy timepiece became available for pre-order starting on the same day as the S6’s in-store release.

Of course the S6 release date was only part of the phone’s big reveal. You want to know what the phone’s like, right? Here goes…

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Design: What does it look like?

echoing a number of design traits from the existing Galaxy S5, the Galaxy S6 is a handset with slimmer edges and more rounded corners. It also pairs these new metal edges with a Gorilla Glass rear.

Lining up at just 6.8mm thick and 138g in weight, the S6 is undoubtedly a good looking phone. This could be down to how similar the device looks to the iPhone 6, however. With its soft curves and metal framing, it appears the S6 has taken more than a bit of ‘inspiration’ from Apple’s leading handset.

While a premium looking phone, there are still some trademark licks of Samsung on this phone. By which we mean at times it can look a bit cheap and tacky. The S6’s colour schemes are garish at best. The phone’s highly reflective rear cheapens its overall look and is prone to smudges and fingerprints.

we see one side of the new Galaxy S6, which has a
curved edge made of metal. Look closely and you can
see the bevelled edge that’s reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and,
of course, the iPhone.

next photo shows the bottom edge and you can more
clearly see the rounded-edge design.

Galaxy S6 leak

Other design points of note on the S6 include its protruding rear camera and enlarged physical home button which plans host to a newly improved fingerprint scanner. This second-generation sensor more closely resembles Apple’s TouchID feature, with finger swipes replaced by simple presses.

For those interested in more than surface looks, a Galaxy S6 teardown has offered up a look at how easy (read extremely bloody difficult) it is to prise apart the phone’s seamless design and replace internal components.

The Galaxy S6 teardown video (below) has revealed that although the phone’s battery can (technically) be replaced, doing so is hardly worth the hassle.


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S6 edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price: How much does it cost?

Finally, Samsung has officially confirmed the Galaxy S6 prices. Sadly, neither of the manufacuter’s new phones is going to be too kind to your wallet.

Kicking things off at an already troubling high, the base model, 32GB Galaxy S6 will set wannabe owners back a massive £599.99. At present there is no formal word on how much the 64GB and 128GB iterations of the flat phone will cost.

It will be hard for them to reach S6 Edge levels of wallet weeping, however. The futuristic phone is available in two storage options, 64GB and 128GB, with the smaller of these having been handed a staggering £760 asking price. This is just £29 cheaper than the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus.

No pricing has yet been given on the top spec Edge.

Although high, these premium prices
are unsurprising. At launch last year the Samsung Galaxy S5 cost £579 on a
SIM-free basis.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen: What resolution is it?

Ever since Samsung’s Korean rival, LG, bestowed a 2560 x 1440 QHD (2K) display upon the LG G3, it’s been suggested the S6 will follow suit. Sure enough, the Galaxy S6 has a 5.1-inch QHD screen, which results in an eye-searing 577ppi (pixels per inch) pixel density. Sharp, in other words.

The Galaxy S6 screen is
AMOLED, as expected. Almost all Samsung’s top-end phones
use AMOLED, so it would have been a huge departure for the company to switch back to

Then there’s the Galaxy S6 Edge, which has a curved screen on both sides rather than just one side as on the Galaxy Note Edge. Take a look at the leaked photo above for an idea of what it looks like.

Samsung’s screens are a traditional strong point, so expect the Galaxy S6’s screen to be a stunner.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 News: What else do I need to know?

Ahead of the phone’s official launch, Samsung released a number of Galaxy S6 teaser videos. As well as giving the first official look at its forthcoming phone, these videos offered hints at what the S6 might have in store. Here’s what it all meant and some of the things we found out at the launch…

Samsung Pay contactless payments
With Apple Pay already out there and growing, Samsung has responded by purchasing an established name in contactless payments, LoopPay, and announcing its own Samsung Pay.

LoopPay claims to be available at a much larger proportion of US-based retailers, up to 95 per cent. Read our What is LoopPay? guide for more on the company and its technology.

The Galaxy S6 has a non-removable rear and wireless charging
The Samsung Galaxy S6 features a non-removeable back panel that houses a 2,550mAh Lithium-Ion battery capable of wireless charging, while the S6 Edge battery is 2,600mAh.

“With our upcoming Galaxy smartphones, users will be able to enter a new wireless world like never before,” a Samsung spokesperson stated in a recent blog post.

And if you’re worried about that battery being down a little on the Galaxy S5’s 2,800mAh cell, fear not – improved quick charge options mean the S6 can be pumped up to full power 150 per cent faster than its predecessor.

Sadder news is that, of course, the non-removable back means there’s no microSD slot for expanding storage.

However, although the back is non-removable in daily use, there are processes in place for prying the handset open and switching out its battery.

In the phone’s official, 140 page, manual, Samsung has detailed a six-step guide for how to open up the handset.

While possible, we must stress that this rather fiddly and invasive procedure, which involves removing the device’s circuit board and disconnecting a lead joining the battery to the body of the phone, is  intended for use by authorised repair agents only. Carrying it out yourself will void your warranty.

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The Galaxy S6 was codenamed “Project Zero” because it’s a fresh start
Design is just one of a number of big changes that the leading smartphone manufacturer has bestowed upon the Galaxy S6.

With the Galaxy S6 reportedly pieced together inside Samsung HQ under the codename “Project Zero”, it’s the most comprehensive update yet to the company’s flagship phone line.

According to reports by SamMobile, unnamed insiders have stated: “Samsung is developing its next-generation flagship device from scratch, with an entirely new vision.”

They added: “Project Zero is an indication that Samsung is trying to achieve something unique and different with the Galaxy S6.

The fresh start extends to the phone’s software, too. TouchWiz has been stripped back and refined Samsung will even let you uninstall much of the faff and filler you never use.

TouchWiz is a touch less bloated

Samsung’s been tinkering with more than just the hardware. It’s no surprise that the Galaxy S6 is running the Android 5.0 Lollipop OS, but what is refreshing is the look of Samsung’s heavily reworked TouchWiz UI.

TouchWiz has been much criticised for its bloatware and heavy-handedness, and Samsung seems to have listened to the feedback. The company’s latest Android skin looks far sleeker and stripped of unnecessary bloatware. About time, too.

There will be a GearVR headset for the S6

Virtual reality fans rejoice, there will be a version of the GearVR released for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Simply slot your S6 into the headset and enjoy the wonders of VR, with that 5.1-inch QHD screen becoming the window upon a virtual reality.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs: What processor does it use?

The Galaxy S6 specs have been a hot topic of discussion, because Samsung isn’t using a Qualcomm processor at all this time around. Here’s what we’ve heard so far.

The Galaxy S6 specs won’t include the Snapdragon 810
Unlike many of its rivals, the S6 has sidestepped the jump to Qualcomm’s latest
Snapdragon 810 processor. Instead, Samsung will forge its own path with
the introduction of a new own-brand chip.

Although neither party had officially confirmed the move, Qualcomm execs recently teased the switch in an earnings call. Lowering
its annual profits forecast, the chipset maker revealed “expectations
that our Snapdragon 810 processor will not be in the upcoming design
cycle of a large customer’s flagship device.”

The Galaxy S6 instead has a 64-bit, octa-core Exynos 7420 chipset. This chip pairs a 2.1GHz quac-core cluster with a 1.5GHz quad-core set, backed up by 3GB of DDR4 RAM.

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Samsung’s chip is a new 14nm SoC
The move to a bespoke chip could be a shrewd one, as it seems Samsung has progressed its chip design. According to the manufacturer, its 14nm
processor features a 20 per cent performance boost over traditional 20nm
chips. What’s more, power consumption is said to be 35 per cent less than
its rivals.

According to leaks, the Exynos 7420 and Snapdragon
810 are set to be closely matched. In a recent AnTuTu benchmark test, the
Snapdragon 810 racked up a record-breaking score of 61,499 compared
with the leaked Exynos 7420’s score of 60,978.

We’ll get the Exynos benchmarked as soon as we can, and get back to you.

Camera improvements
The Galaxy S6 has had an imaging overhaul, with a 16-megapixel, OIS-enhanced primary camera combining with a 5-megapixel snapper up front. Both are claimed to offer improved low-light shooting over the S5’s cameras.

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