Samsung Galaxy S5 to finally embrace the metal?

Samsung may finally be ready to heed the call for more premium build materials by giving next-year’s Galaxy S5 a metal casing, according to reports.


news source ETNews believes Samsung will ditch the plastic casing for

aluminium or another metal when the time comes for its next-gen hero

phone to make an appearance.

The Galaxy S devices have been the

most successful Android handsets of the last three years, helping

Samsung overtake Apple as the world’s leading mobile manufacturer. The

latest, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most heralded yet.


amid all of the praise for the device’s AMOLED displays, UI innovations

and sleek design, the company has endured criticism for its use of

plastics to encase the handsets.

Samsung has claimed it uses the materials for lightness, durability and

speed of production rather than for economic reasons, but there’s no

doubt most fans of the company’s devices would welcome a materials


With the iPhone 5 and HTC One

raising the bar style-wise, Samsung may have decided to invest a little

more stock in delivering a smartphone that has a premium feel to match

its premium performance.

The S5 is probably around 9 months away from an official unveiling, given Samsung’s previous release schedule.


then, it’s likely that we’ll see the launch of the Galaxy Gear smart

watch and the larger Galaxy Note 3 device at the IFA tech show next