Samsung Galaxy S5 sales lag behind iPhone 5S

Despite being six months newer than its bitter rival, new figures have revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is still being consistently outsold by Apple’s iPhone 5S.

With the iPhone 6 widely expected to launch this September, Apple is gearing up to a new handset refresh, despite its existing model still reportedly dominating monthly smartphone sales charts.

According to new figures from research firm Counterpoint, which account for 35 global markets and almost 90 per cent, back in May – just two months into the S5’s lifecycle – the flagship Samsung handset shifted around 5 million units globally.

Although an impressive figure in its own right, this pales in comparison to the 7 million iPhone 5S handset sold during the same period.

The research found both S5 and iPhone 5S sales remained largely unchanged during June.

Speaking on Samsung’s slowing handset sales, Counterpoint analyst Tom Kang suggested the S5 has failed to meet consumers’ expectations.

They made one mistake, one product that didn’t hold up to expectations and they are paying the price,” Kang said speaking with Reuters. “They will have to move forward and leave behind what has failed and focus on the next product.”

Although Samsung last week announced its second-quarter earnings – the company’s worst quarterly profit in two years – the tech giant has suggested it will look to “strengthen” its smartphone portfolio in the near future.

“We will strengthen our product competitiveness by reinforcing our premium brand reputation, powerful product line-up, and cutting-edge technology,” an official Samsung spokesperson stated.

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