Samsung Galaxy S4 battery issues reported, 30 per cent of users affected

A number of Samsung Galaxy S4 battery issues have surfaced, with reports stating that up to 30 per cent of S4 owners have reported problems with their phone’s staying power.

UPDATE – Samsung has confirmed it will offer free battery replacements to all affected by the Samsung Galaxy S4 battery problems.

Citing a “trusted source working at an operator,” German site MobiFlip has claimed that Samsung Galaxy S4 battery issues are plaguing users of the phone. It has been suggested that heavily depleted performances and swollen batteries are being frequently reported by S4 owners.

A trusted contact who is sitting right at the source with a German provider confirms that the current confirmations are due to a faulty battery with the Galaxy S4,” the German reports have stated.

Although battery drain is a natural evolutionary issue which affects all portable products, with the Samsung Galaxy S4 having been on sale for just six months, the flagship smartphone should not be troubled by such problems this early in its lifecycle.

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 battery issues are said to be widespread within Germany, we have yet to hear reports of similar issues further afield.

Currently the company’s flagship offering, recent reports have suggested that due to lower than expected interest the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be superseded sooner than expected.

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Following the iPhone 5S release last month, reports out of Samsung’s native Korea has claimed that a Samsung Galaxy S5 release date could be announced in January, three months earlier than expected.

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