Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date Set for May

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S3 will start shipping this month, May. There’s no long wait in store if you want this giant Android.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 launched today in London, and will go on sale before the end of the month. It’s expected to be available for free on top-end contracts – think 35 pounds a month and upwards.

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 trumps most previous Android smartphones in screen real estate terms, with a huge 4.8in screen. It used a Super AMOLED panel to give vivid colours and great black levels. Samsung says its design is inspired by nature – and pebbles in particular. Pebbles are rocks gently eroded into smoothness by running water. Nothing like a smartphone then, eh? But it does mean the back is nice ‘n’ smooth.

We’ll admit we’re excited about spending more time with this phone. What about you?