Samsung Galaxy S3 Reaches 9 Million Pre-Orders

The rise of the smartphone continues unabated. The intense interest in Samsung’s newest baby, the Galaxy S3, has turned into 9 million pre-orders, according to a report in the Korea Economic Daily newspaper.

Devices will be shipped to 145 countries and via 290 mobile providers. The report also says that Samsung’s factories are working at full capacity to meet this initial demand.

That capacity is said to be 5 million handsets per month. It doesn’t say which of the two colours is proving more popular.

In April, Samsung became the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, overtaking Nokia, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 sold 20 million units in its first year, so to reach nearly half of that with its successor in just pre-sales alone, is pretty remarkable.

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Via International Business Times