Best Samsung Galaxy S10e Deals: Save up to £200 when you trade-in

Best Samsung Galaxy S10e Deals: The most affordable phone in the new Galaxy S10 range can be even cheaper with these amazing offers.

It’s been a while since Samsung released a ‘mini’ version of its latest Galaxy smartphone, but with the release of the iPhone XR, the time for a resurrection seemed ripe: enter the Galaxy S10e. While it might not carry the ‘mini’ branding of old, the S10e is still a great alternative for Samsung fans who want to get in on the fun but have a little less cash to splash.

While there are a few caveats to be had with the more affordable S10e, the phone still benefits from Samsung’s newly adopted hole-punch camera which gets you a much higher screen-to-body ratio than a notch ever could. If the S10e sounds like the upgrade for you, then just take a gander below at our roundup of the best offers available right now.

The best Samsung Galaxy S10e deals right now

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What you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung Galaxy S10e screen

Taking one look at the recent notch trend and deciding to bypass it entirely, Samsung has gone with a completely different design for the Galaxy S10e. Labelled as the ‘Infinity O’ display, the S10e’s 5.8-inch screen is almost all encompassing, save for a tiny hole-punch camera in the top right hand corner.

Boasting a HDR10+ quad-HD OLED panel, that very same screen will make watching content an absolute blast. Plus, unlike most flagship smartphones nowadays, the S10e still packs a classic 3.5mm headphone port for all you music buffs out there.

Flip the device over and you’ll see a dual camera setup, one that’s capable of taking gorgeous shots with a superb layer of depth. The S10e is also launching with the exclusive Canary Yellow colour that won’t be available on the S10 and S10 Plus. It might not be for everyone, but having an optional splash of colour is a welcome choice.

Samsung Galaxy S10e front

In order to keep the price down, the S10e doesn’t feature the same in-display fingerprint sensor as the other S10 phones, but there is one located on the side of the device so you won’t have to rely on face-unlock if you don’t want to.

Despite it’s lower price point however, the S10e still features the same advanced chipset found in the S10 and the S10 Plus, giving you flawless performance that’s both seamless and lightning fast.

Choosing the right contract

How much data do I need? – At the heart of any new phone contract is the amount of data that comes with it. After all, in this modern age we’re all dependent on data in some way or another. If social media is your vice then you’re in luck – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram tend not to glug at your data allowance thanks to some fancy compression techniques, meaning that you’ll rarely need more than 5-10GB to keep you happy.

Kicking things up a notch, anything in the 20-40GB range is just the ticket if you plan on using your phone to stream content from your service of choice. Going above that is only necessary if you tend to tether your phone’s internet connection to other devices.

Which network is best for me? – With so many network providers to choose from these days, each one has a plethora of perks designed to grab your attention. O2 has O2 Priority, Three has Wuntu, and so on. The most important factor to consider however is the quality of service offered in your local area.

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