8 major hidden clues in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 TV ad

No more maybes or what ifs; Samsung has just dropped an actual television advertisement for the Galaxy Note 7.

A new video has been published on Samsung Mobile’s Korean YouTube channel under the name ‘Next NOTE’, finally confirming beyond doubt that the new Galaxy Note handset is imminent. The advertisement features actual footage of the Galaxy Note 7, and teases a bunch of features.

Check it out:


We’ve broken down what we think some of the teasers mean (and some that we’re clueless about):

1. A fingerprint scanner, obviously

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 3

2. Difficulty unlocking? Maybe the rumoured iris scanner is real after all

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 5

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3. This is selfie flash, surely

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 7

4. Hmm, we’re stumped. Car-crash avoidance?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 9

5. Some kind of highlighting, productivity feature? Or maybe just a free pen…

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 11

6. If this isn’t IP68 waterproofing confirmed, we’ll dunk our Galaxy Note 7 in the bath

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 13

7. If you missed the memo, Samsung is probably going to skip over the Galaxy Note 6 entirely

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 15

8. Probably a stylus, right?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 17

Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Note 7 at a dedicated Galaxy Unpacked launch event on August 2. TrustedReviews will be reporting live from the event with the latest on all things Samsung.

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Spot anything we’ve missed in the trailer? Let us know in the comments!