Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Release Date Set For October?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will reportedly launch this October. Pushing the screen envelope even further, its display is rumoured to be larger and “unbreakable”.

According to MK Business News, a Korean publication, the second Galaxy Note phone-tablet border tightrope walker will launch later this year, in October. Although no sources are cited for this finding, the site comes up with some interesting-enough suggestions to be worth a mention.

It writes that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will have larger screen than its predecessor, a slimmer design and – most interesting of all – will use a UBP display. This stands for unbreakable plane. It’s a precursor to fully flexible displays, able to flex rather than shatter under pressure.

The next major version of the Android OS, Jelly Bean, will reportedly feature in the device, and a quad-core processor is set to run it. An iterative-upgrade approach seems very Samsung, but MK Business News’s take on the phone-tablet should only be treated as a rumour at this point.

The current Samsung Galaxy Note features an impressive 5.3in 800 x 1,280 pixel screen, and while its bod is just-about pocketable, any larger would be stretching it. Quite literally. Could you take more than 5.3 inches?

via MK Business News