Samsung Galaxy A7 could shun the UK yet again in 2018 – report

If you’ve been waiting for a 2018 Galaxy A7 to come to UK shores, then prepare for disappointment as it could be missing most of Europe.

Samsung’s mid-tier handsets Galaxy ‘A’ handsets offer a good mix of top line phone tech in a package that doesn’t sucker punch your wallet.

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But according to sources familiar with the next-generation Galaxy A7, Sammobile reported that the phone might not reach the normal European markets, landing only in German and Poland. Russia will also be a launch nation.

Instead of the Galaxy A7, the rest of Europe will likely get an updated Galaxy A5 which is said to have Samsung’s striking Infinity Display but in a compact size for people who like to keep their phone footprint to a usable minimum.

In contrast, the next Galaxy A7 is expected to have a display pushing 6-inches or more, and will be aimed at markets where people like big screened phones and cannot lie about it.

In Europe, it would appear the appetite for ‘phablet’ handsets isn’t quite as voracious, possibly one of the reasons the iPhone X doesn’t have a ‘Plus’ version yet.

But this is mostly speculation, as there’s no reason provided by Sammobile‘s sources as to why the Galaxy A7 is shunning most of Europe. And of course, Samsung hasn’t confirmed this is the case, so the whole thing could just be industry gossip.

Yet, there’s no smoke without fire and the potential reasons for keeping the Galaxy A7 out of Europe are arguably sound.

No doubt more information will crop up in the new year, though attention is likely to then be on the Galaxy S9, which is slated to be revealed at CES 2018.

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