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Samsung Flow launches as Apple Continuity rival

Samsung has finally launched Flow, the company’s answer to Apple Continuity.

The South Korean tech giant first announced Flow back in November, but it’s now available to download on Google Play.

So what does it do? In short, it syncs your devices so that cross-platform computing becomes one coherent, seamless experience.

For example, if you’re reading an article on your smartphone, you can pick up where you left off on a tablet.

The system is split into three key elements, namely Transfer, Defer, and Notify.

Transfer involves moving web content, e-mails, or phone calls between gadgets.

Defer is about letting users complete tasks at their leisure, i.e. deferring a movie on a smartphone to your TV to watch at a later point.

Notify is the final tenet of Flow, and is all about pushing notifications to all of your devices. This means that you could get a text message come through on your TV if your phone is in the other room.

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Of course, this means only certain apps support the feature, and you’ll need to be a compatible Android-based Samsung device user.

This roster includes the Samsung Galaxy S6, the S6 Edge, the S5, the Tab S, the Alpha, the Note 4, and the Note Edge.

The system works over Bluetooth, so you’ll need to turn this on across the devices you want to ‘Flow’ with too.

Samsung also has plans to bring the service to its custom-built Tizen OS, meaning Tizen-based TVs will soon ‘Flow’ with your phone and tablet.

Samsung Flow is currently up for grabs on the Google Play store in ‘Beta’, and is free to download.