Samsung First To 64Gb NAND Modules

Making our solid state dreams come true...

Ahhhh NAND flash memory chips how we love thee…

No, I’m not mad we ”do” love these things and you should do too because – much like stem cells – they form the building blocks for all flash memory and Samsung has just made them denser.

Coming up with one of its usual ‘World’s Firsts…’ Sammy has managed to squash out a 30nm 64Gb (8GB) flash memory chip (50Gb NAND above, but you get the idea) meaning that memory cards could now reach a whopping 128GB.

More interesting however is what this new, more dense chip could mean for SSDs which – in notebooks at least – are catching their moving parts equivalents at a frightening rate. In fact, Samsung notes that the breakthrough marks the eighth consecutive year that the density of memory has doubled and the seventh straight year that the nanometer scale has improved for NAND flash since the 100nm 1Gb NAND chip was developed in 2001.

When you compare that with the 2.5in HDD which has taken two years five months to go from 120GB to 320GB it is clear which format has the momentum….

So, who loves NAND flash memory chips now…

Samsung UK