Galaxy X: Samsung’s foldable phone may launch as early as November

It’s been rumoured for years, but November 2018 might finally be the month that we get to see Samsung’s long-awaited foldable phone, known as the Samsung Galaxy X

The news came direct from Samsung’s mobile CEO DJ Koh in an interview with CNBC, in which he said that for Samsung, “it’s time to deliver” a foldable device, before adding that the device could be unveiled at the Samsung Developer Conference.

That event is set to take place during November in San Francisco.

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However, this reveal tells us little about when we might actually get a chance to buy the device for ourselves. After all, Koh has reported that the development of the device has been “complicated”, which suggests that it still might not be ready, or even close to ready, for mass-production.

In addition to these difficulties, Koh outlined some of the more philosophical design questions that the team had to ask itself about the Galaxy X as it attempted to design a device that exceeded, rather than simply matched, the functionality of a tablet.

“Even unfolded, what kind of benefit does that give compared to the tablet? If the unfolded experience is the same as the tablet, why would [consumers] buy it?” he asked.

The right year for the Galaxy X

If ever there was a year that Samsung needed to blow everyone away with a new phone, it was 2018. Its flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S9, has failed to match up to the firm’s expectations, and has become the worst selling Galaxy S device since the S3.

To be clear, we really like the S9. It’s a phone that improves upon one of the best phones of last year (the Samsung Galaxy S8), while removing some of its more annoying quirks.

But it seems the iterative approach wasn’t what Samsung needed this year, especially after Apple unveiled the ultra-premium iPhone X.

Do you think a foldable phone is what Samsung needs to reverse its mobile fortunes? Let us know @TrustedReviews.

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