Samsung Demos 30-Day Battery

Portability isn't exactly high on the feature set but frankly, who cares?

It was over seven months ago that Gordon first showed us Samsung’s hydrogen fuel-cell battery and we’re still as enamoured now as we were then. Even better, this one has a glossy paintjob.

While the specs are still the same, with a 12,000Wh lifespan, 650Wh/L energy density (about five times better than lithium ion), the dimensions are a bit more portable. Though the idea of having to top-up the fuel on a laptop may sound bizarre, many of us would be more than happy to do so in exchange for a whole month of laptop use from one “charge.”

We still don’t have a commercial release date, but Samsung has previously said “by the end of the year” which is inching ever closer. So if you need battery life to rival the Sony Vaio TZ, but with the performance of an Alienware you know what your next upgrade needs to be.


Aving USA story.

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