Samsung Confirmed As Second Biggest Phone Vendor

Neither come close to usurping Nokia though.

Confirmation of Gordon’s earlier report that Motorola has lost sales ground to Samsung has now been released. Second quarter sales figures published by independent body IDC yesterday show that Samsung has indeed snatched the position of second largest mobile phone vendor, increasing market share by around three per cent from this time last year, while Motorola has lost a nine per cent share.

Neither Samsung nor Motorola can come close to rivalling Nokia‚Äôs number one spot and 37 per cent market share though. Having shifted over 100 million units, the Finnish domineers sold more phones than the second third and fourth place manufacturers combined. While Apple’s iPhone sales can’t put it anywhere near touching these rankings, IDC does believe it has helped out with the sale of PDA/phone hybrids (such as Nokia’s N95) by raising the profile and public desire for such products.

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It’s pretty clear that Motorola needs to pull something out of the bag in order to claw back its lost market share, which if the evidence of it’s more recent offerings it appears to be capable off. Samsung on the other hand will probably just keep on innovating and producing Worlds firsts left right and centre.

IDC Press release

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