Samsung Beats iPod By Copying iPhone

Could Apple's pride and joy finally be in real trouble...?

Yes, I’m a little late out the gate with this one – but Samsung has certainly shaken me out of my slumber with this cracker…

Called the ‘Yepp YP-P2’, it looks like the result of a romantic night between the Yepp YP-K3 and the iPhone and could be set to do some serious damage to Apple’s ageing 5G iPod.

Adopting the same large touchscreen formula as the nay-infamous Apple handset, the P2 actually has a slightly smaller LCD at 3in, though it comes with a lovely 428 x 240 widescreen native resolution and stunning thin dimensions of just 100 x 52 x 9.2mm. Weight is also dainty at 85g.

From here the P2 also goes from strength to strength with Audio (MP3, WMA) and video (WMV, Mpeg, H.264) playback, an FM stereo, integrated speaker and mic, up to 8GB of onboard memory and… wait for it… Bluetooth, which should really set the cat amongst the pigeons. Samsung also seems to have learnt from its Cupertino based rival when it comes to the interface with a number of multi-touch-like gestures incorporated for switching tracks and flipping through photos. A video of the P2 in action can be found here.

In fact, my only complaint is that the P2 could have had even more of its facia dedicated to the screen (perhaps enabling it to stretch to an iPhone matching 3.5 inches), but the base of the device does give it an area to hold without greasing up the screen with fingerprints and given the techno wizardry on show here I doubt there will be many complainers.

So – after numerous near misses – Samsung finally looks to have gotten its latest MP3 player ”right”. If it can now back it with the global publicity to match then Apple’s long neglected iPod range really should start to feel the heat…

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