Samsung Banned From Selling Galaxy Tab Down Under

Samsung has been slapped with another temporary ban on

selling its Galaxy line-up as Apple secures another legal victory, this

time in Australia.

Earlier this year Samsung delayed the launch of its Galaxy

Tab 10.1
in the land down under, fearing a patent lawsuit from the Cupertino company. And so

its fears proved correct, as in the New South Wales Federal Court yesterday,

Justice Annabelle Bennett slapped an interim injunction on Samsung selling the

Android tablet in Oz.

The timing of this ban could have a serious affect on

Samsung’s market position in Australia

with the lucrative Christmas season just around the corner. Apple is claiming

that Samsung has “slavishly copied” the design and look of the iPad.

The ban in Australia

is just the latest in a long line of legal battles between the two companies

dating back to April. In September Apple secured a ruling in a German court

banning the sale of the Galaxy Tabs in almost all Europe


Apple Samsung Patent

This ban was later changed to just Germany, a ban

which still stands today. Apple has also secured a ban on the sale of  Samsung Galaxy S, S2 and Ace smartphones in

the Netherlands.

However, Samsung yesterday said it had re-engineered these phones to sidestep the


“We’ve fixed the technological problem and upgraded

products to address the issue. They will be shortly available for sale,” a

Samsung spokesman said.

In a bid to fight back, Samsung has said that it would be

attempting to stop Apple from selling its iPhone 4S in France because

of perceived infringements of 3G patents.

Samsung has also counter-sued Apple in the Australian court

system and the pair also face court dates in South

Korea and the US. With so many legal battles being fought all around the world, we hope that common sense pervails soon and that Apple and Samsung can come to some amicable agreement and let everyone buy whatever product they want, whenever in the world they are.