Samsung 830 Series SSDs Offer 6Gbps Speed

When describing

internal SSDs, the terms
“brushed metal enclosure”, “deep

black” and “a stylish and chic exterior” are not the first

things you will be looking for. Then again, good looks are not the only thing

the latest SSDs from Samsung have going for them.

Last week Samsung announced its first range of SSDs with support for 6Gbps SATA, but the PM830

was only available to manufacturers and not to us Joe Soaps. Thankfully,

Samsung has seen sense and released a consumer version called the Samsung SSD


Samsung 830 SSD

While the PM830 SSDs may have been utilitarian in looks, the

830 range has been buffed up and as we said earlier, feature a brushed metal

enclosure. We really can’t see the point of the effort Samsung has put into

making the 830 range so good looking, considering the only time you’ll see them

is when your installing them in your computer.

While the SSD 830 may look different from the PM830,

architecturally there is no difference. It features an updated Samsung

controller with two ARM cores, a 6Gbps SATA interface and Samsung’s own Toggle

NAND. Doubling the bandwidth of the previous version, the SSD 470, should

ensure that the latest Samsung

Four versions of the SSD 830 will go on sale in October when

the series gets it “official launch”, starting with 64GB and moving up to

128GB, 256GB and finishing with the whopping 512GB.

The SSDs will be come with a 2.5-inch to 3.5-inch drive bay

adapter and a USB to SATA adapter cable in the upgrade packages There has been

no word from Samsung on pricing yet but we should learn more closer to the

release date.

Source: {linkout: Yahoo}