Samsung teases 5G, and says S10 won’t be first handset to support it

The head of Samsung’s mobile business, DJ Koh, has confirmed that next year’s Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t be the company’s first 5G handset. It’s a tantalising tease, but it could also mean two very different things.

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Firstly, it could mean that Samsung won’t have its 5G integration ready for the S10’s release, which is expected to come in the first quarter of next year.

However, given that South Korea is expected to launch its consumer 5G services almost exactly a year after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9, we’d expect that Samsung is planning on having a phone ready to support it in its home territory.

Hence we think a rather different interpretation of Koh’s statement (via CNET) is more likely. The S10 won’t be the first of Samsung’s phones to offer 5G support because the company will have already released a 5G handset by then.

The early adopter’s curse

Of course, unless you’re the kind of person who has to own the latest and greatest the second it’s available, then you might want to hold off on rushing out to buy the first 5G handset you can find.

For one thing, 5G isn’t expected to be available in the UK until around 2020. Your 5G handset will still probably work, but any price premium you paid will be for nothing until 5G launches.

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Even after it launches, it will take a while for 5G coverage to get to a point where it reaches all areas of the country. Even today, there are some places where you have to rely on 3G or even 2G because of a lack of 4G signal.

But that’s unlikely to stop manufacturers from rushing to be the first to release 5G handsets to capitalise in the interest from early adopters.

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