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Samsung shows us the 5G City of the not-too-distant future

The race to 5G mobile data connectivity is finally starting to reach the exciting bit. After years of toiling away on creating standards, auctioning off spectrum and setting the basis for hardware, the runners are seemingly entering the final straight.

Just this week Qualcomm announced a new mmWave antenna module that’ll be paired with its X50 5G modem, which will enable the fastest next-gen speeds and appear in phones from 2019. In the UK, mobile network EE is preparing live trials, while Vodafone just recently the 5G spectrum across the existing 4G networks.

Now, as the countdown to 5G continues, Samsung has kitted out a ‘5G City’ in Suwon, South Korea. The demonstration enables folks to get a sneak preview of what they can expect from the next-gen infrastructure. There’s a 5G stadium, a 5G kiosk and a 5G connectivity node, SamMobile reports. Samsung details the city in the video below:

The 5G kiosk will provide the most obvious example of what 5G will offer – the incredibly fast download speeds. Users will be able to access speeds between 1-3Gbps when within range of hotspots, while using compatible devices.

The 5G stadium demo is designed to showcase the ability to access reliable connectivity with large crowds able to stream HD video content simultaneously.  Even with 4G now, that’s a massive no-no. However, with demo has a massive MIMO demo zone, where folks can check out the tech on compatible phones.

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Meanwhile, the 5G connectivity node gives the public an idea of what can be expected in public spaces once 5G fully rolls out. It’ll handle CCTV, digital signage, traffic control and much more.

“This component of the 5G City is all about the efficient management of future cities by harnessing the power of 5G connectivity,” the report says.

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