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Samsung 55-inch OLED TV F9500 gains model number and final specs

At CES 2013, Samsung has revealed the model number and specs for its latest OLED TV, the 55-inch F9500 or, to give it its full official title, KNF559500.

Samsung OLED TV F9500 Specs
We’ve seen and even had hands-on time with the 55-inch Samsung OLED TV, but until now it has lacked a model name and final specs. Today, Samsung has finally revealed these details on its much-delayed flagship TV of 2013 and rival to the LG 55EM9700 55-inch OLED TV.

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For starters, the F9500’s Samsung-manufactured Exonys 5 CPU based on an ARM Cortex A15 design has doubled its cores, from a dual core chip to a quad-core model. This should help with the Smart TV engine’s gesture control that’s an integral part of all Samsung’s top-end tellies – and did we mention this 55-inch OLED TV also supports voice control?  

The processor is upgradeable too so you can overhaul the F9500’s media and networking capabilities when the quad-core CPU becomes long in the tooth without needing to throw away that still perfectly good OLED screen. Mind you, with more power under its hood than the Samsung Galaxy S3, that’s not likely to be soon.

The most interesting feature of this Samsung OLED TV is undoubtedly its unique Multi-View. This lets two people watch different channels on the same television using 3D glasses where each set has its own headphones. Better yet, unlike similar solutions on some rival televisions, the Samsung OLED TV F9500 will supposedly still give both viewers undiluted 3D if they want it.

Samsung OLED TV F9500 Screen
While the LG OLED TV uses white LEDs with colour filters, Samsung’s F9500 sports ‘true’ RGB OLED. Thanks to featuring individual red, green and blue sub-pixels, this (in theory) gives it potentially better image quality. Either OLED type gives near-infinite contrast ratios, lightning-quick response and flawless viewing angles.

About the only thing that’s not beyond incredible on the Samsung 55-inch OLED TV F9500 is its resolution, which is ‘merely’ 1080p rather than the 4K (quad-HD) that’s becoming ever more common the highest-end LCD TVs from the likes of Sony, LG, Toshiba and of course Samsung itself.

Samsung OLED TV F9500 Price and Release Date
Unfortunately, while LG has already announced a release date and price for its 55EM9700, Samsung is still leaving us waiting for those details. As soon as we hear a UK price and launch date for the F9500, you’ll be the first to know…