Samsung’s fancy 4K Cinema LED display tech is going on a Euro trip

Samsung’s 4K LED cinema display tech is making its way to European theatres, bringing next-generation screens to Arena Cinema Sihlcity in Zurich next year.

The South Korean electronics giant showed off its high-resolution Cinema LED screen in its home nation back in July, demonstrating how an all-in-one screen can deliver images without the distracting grey lines found in more traditional projectors, while at the same time offering boosted audio.

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Samsung has clearly been exploring how some of its TV tech can make a cinema impact, since the cinema LED display offers high dynamic range (HDR) to give a boost to brightness that’s some 10 times greater than current projector technology.

While Samsung’s TV’s have generally offered excellent picture quality, audio in their thin chassis hasn’t been stellar. But with the cinema display, Samsung has joined forces with audio experts from Harman’s JBL division, who have placed speakers around the screen’s border to provide an audio clout that makes use of JBL’s Sculptured Surround system.

So with Samsung’s 4K Cinema LED display we can expect sharp, bright visuals and punchy immersive audio.

For UK residents, Zurich may be a long way to travel to see such a fancy screen. But there’s a good chance the technology could make its way to London’s cinemas at least, especially in Leicester Square where many movie premiers are held and cinemas tout top-of-the-line laser projectors.

And the screen technology is being presented as a fresh way to design cinemas, so its could lead to new theatres as well.

“Based on elimination of the projector beam and the high luminosity of Samsung Cinema LED screen, there are a host of new possibilities for interior design. We are entirely removing the existing furnishings, and implementing an innovative seating concept to provide audiences with a totally new kind of cinematic experience,” explained Edi Stöckli, owner of the Arena Cinemas.

With virtual reality tech making its way into theatres and now fancy screens being shown off, the future of cinema could get a shot in the arm.

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