Samsung Launches Third T9 Player

T9, T9B and T9+ all inside a year...

We’ve only just reviewed the Samsung T9B but, as if to show just what a ludicrous world the MP3 player market is, a new edition has already been announced.

The ‘T9+’ is already the third version of the popular T9 which itself has only been on the market for less than a year. Consequently what we have here is more of an incremental update than a radical new product.

Taking (scarily) a leaf out of the Zune’s book, the big new feature in the T9+ is device pairing using the player’s famous Bluetooth functionality. Sadly however – like Microsoft – Sammy hasn’t implemented the feature we would have all liked to see: media sharing. Instead it has used the pairing to enable owners to participate in multi-player gaming using either the T9+’s pre-installed games or any one of a range of titles the company will imminently release to cash in on this. A nice little earner…

Perhaps most interesting about this improvement however is that while the T9+ will go on sale as a standalone product, it is claimed existing T9B owners will be able to add this functionality via a simple software update. No formal info has been released on this yet but it is certainly an interesting proposition.

Pairing apart, the T9+ remains identical to the T9B and will come in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB versions. Pricing hasn’t been announced but I (s)hope(/s) would imagine (s)programming gods(/s) hackers are already working on a media sharing crack…

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