Sagem Gives 10mm Thick Candybar £10 RRP

Bringing style to the bargain basement.

Earlier this year Sagem released the £20 my215x and four months later the company has clearly decided it was way too expensive (!).

So now we have the ‘my150x’, a surprisingly sleek candybar now hitting our shelves for a jaw dropping £10.

This, quite frankly, ”crazy” price is even more shocking when we take a closer look at the handset. Of course its features are stripped down to the bare minimum but what is there looks rather nice.

For a start the my150x has a lovely sleek form factor which measures just 10mm thick putting it alongside most of the high-end fashion phones currently on the market and making it delightfully pocketable. On top of this the handset comes with a financially-proportionately large 1.8in screen (the W880i manages nothing bigger) and unashamedly copies Motorola’s ever-popular RAZR keyboard.

At this price luxuries like an integrated camera or MP3 player and consequently memory expansion slot have all fallen by the wayside, but core functionality such as SMS, vibration and hands free are all in there along with 16 polyphonic ringtones.

The my150x is now on sale exclusively in Asda on Orange Pay-As-You-Go. If you scrounge around the back of your sofa you should be able to dig up enough cash to buy one…

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