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RX122 Atom v2 puts you in the drone’s cockpit

By far the best way to fly a drone is by seeing it from the pilot’s seat. The RX122 Atom v2 is a mini drone that lets you do just that.

It’s a drone you build yourself in under half an hour. Take control using the TBS Tango remote control, and you can see what the pilot would see on the screen embedded into the control. This shows the image from the front-mounted camera, so you’ll feel as if you’re flying it yourself.

There are a range of flying modes to choose from, too. The default is a low-power self-levelling mode that will be ideal for beginners. But the company has also added some pre-programmed switches for intermediate and advanced flying levels – flick one, and you’ll have a greater degree of control over your drone.

Of course that will mean it’s easier to crash too, so you’d better work on your skills.

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Thankfully the motors are “totally indestructible”, according to the manufacturers. And the craft itself looks pretty hardwearing too – it’s made of carbon fibre, so should survive a crash or two.

It’s passed its funding goal and still has 24 days left. Price start at $319 (£225) for the basic package. It’ll ship in July.