Rumoured iPhone 7 Pro will never see the light of day, report says

If you were still holding onto the slim possibility of a super premium iPhone 7 Pro arriving next month, it’s probably time to make like Elsa and let it go.

According to the well-respected Japanese blog Mac Otacara, Apple will once again go with the standard and Plus models for its next-gen iPhones.

The site also alleged Apple has chosen the iPhone 7 name after all, despite this year’s upgrade not seeming like a particularly substantial progression.

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It’s thought the company didn’t want to go with another ‘S’ variant, but with some sources (like Twitter leakster @evleaks) claiming otherwise, we’ll have to wait and see.

The prospect of an iPhone 7 Pro has hung around for a while, despite it seeming an unlikely path for Apple to tread.

According to the report (via MacRumors), it was only ever a fallback plan for Apple in case plans to integrate dual-lens cameras into the iPhone 7 Plus were unsuccessful.

However, all recent leaks have suggested that the iPhone 7 Plus will indeed be the home for that dual-lens snapper.

Elsewhere in Mac Otacara’s report, the site alleges that we will indeed see that flush, touch-based Home button, which has been the subject of more recent speculation.

Apple is believed to be revealing the handsets, and perhaps a new Apple Watch, at a yet-to-be-confirmed event on September 7.