Rumour: PS3 Trophy Cards Leaked

A GamerCard by any other name...

Following on from a recent post on the PlayStation Blog regarding Firmware 2.40, in-game XMB and Trophies, some more details have surfaced – of a less-than-official nature it might be added. PS3 Fanboy was tipped off by a couple of anonymous (save for pseudonyms) sources that Trophies, as Sony call them, are in fact at base a reworking of GamerPoints as seen on the Xbox 360. A couple of screenshots also show what looks distinctly like a PS3-reworked GamerCard, used for displaying these Trophies – among other things.

According to PS3 Fanboy’s sources, different Trophies are available with different points values all contributing towards a “level” whatever that may be. Progressing through levels requires Trophy points, the amount needed scaling up with each level making higher ones harder to reach.

A few snippets of information regarding the in-game XMB were mentioned as well. Accessing the menu is a case of pressing the PS button on the controller, while the older menu is now reached by holding it a bit longer. Apparently most things can be done from within the in-game interface, although there are still some things that require a game restart – I’m guessing display settings and other such similar options.

Of course , the veracity of these claims isn’t exactly easy to verify, but from what we’ve already heard they seems reasonable enough. Now, Sony, hurry up and give us Home.

PS3 Fanboy.