Rumour: Microsoft Bringing Sky to Xbox

A potential recipe for awesome.

When Microsoft said it had a TV-related announcement to make this week, I assumed it would be an update to its Xbox Video Marketplace of some sort. According to Rapid TV News, however, it’s set to be much, much more interesting. Apparently Microsoft will be bringing Sky TV to the Xbox 360.

No source is cited so it’s unclear quite how “Rapid TV News understands that the long-awaited link up between BSkyB and Microsoft’s X-Box (sic) is at last going to happen.” I’m not particularly convinced such a partnership was exactly “long-awaited,” but I am suddenly very taken with the idea.

Certainly there’s a level of plausibility to this rumour. Microsoft has proved that it can offer a pretty successful video-on-demand service and Sky would surely love access to the millions of potential subscribers who own Xbox 360s but don’t have a Sky box. It’s all going to be about the pricing, should this come to fruition.

Microsoft’s going to have a lot of disappointed journalists on its hands tomorrow if it isn’t announcing Sky on Xbox at its TV-centric something launch…

Rapid TV News.