Rumour: AMD Bringing New Laptop Platform to Computex

Tigris to accompany Caspian CPUs.

AMD will apparently be showing of a new laptop platform codenamed Tigris at Computex, if Chinese language Commercial Times is to be believed. Geared towards notebooks of 14in and above, Tigris sits above Yukon, which caters for 13in and smaller laptops, such as the HP dv2.

Tigris will be paired with a dual-core, 45nm ‘Caspian’ CPU and RS880M chipset, if earlier leaked roadmaps can be believed. Mobility Radeon graphics, the specifics as yet unspecified, will also be sported – with Avivo HD video processing – with both integrated and dedicated options expected.

AMD’s 2010 laptop platform is expected to be on show at Computex, too. ‘Danube’ is expected to support quad-core CPUs, DDR3 RAM and looks set to mark the debut of USB 3.0 in AMD. ‘Danube’ is expected to sport a ‘Manhattan’ class GPU, about which precious little is known at present.