Tron: Legacy

The final 3D Blu-ray to come under scrutiny in this round up is actually a pretty spectacular visual success for the most part – so long as your 3D display is up to it.

Most of the film was shot in 3D (for a change) using rigs similar to those employed by James Cameron in Avatar, and this shines through in an unusually believable portrayal of 3D depth and space that does a great job of adding spectacle and scale to the film’s set pieces.

What’s particularly good about this is that the sense of scale remains intact even during dark scenes – something that 2D to 3D conversions like Thor seem to find especially difficult.

The extended sequence where Sam is first thrown into the digital game arena is a classic 3D demo. But only if your 3D display is able to show 3D without crosstalk, as otherwise the scene’s mix of stark bright colours against almost black backgrounds can degenerate into a horrible ghosting-fest.