Monsters Vs Aliens

This has become another classic bit of 3D demo material, especially the sequence on the Golden Gate Bridge. On good 3D displays this scene possesses huge amounts of depth, bags of detail, and superbly bright colours. On bad 3D displays the struts and cables of the bridge suffer with really horrible amounts of crosstalk ghosting noise.

Provided your TV is capable of doing Monsters Vs Aliens justice, it’s ultimately another rather good example of 3D animation in action. There are moments of the sort of artificial ‘parallax’ effect noted with Thor, but the scale of some of the environments is startlingly extreme and definitely benefits from the 3D effect.

Shame, then, that like Avatar, Monsters Vs Aliens in 3D is currently only available as part of a hardware promotion – in this case from Samsung. While Avatar isn’t set for a commercial standalone release until 2012, though, Monsters Vs Aliens is due to be launched as a standalone release on December 5th.