Round-up of 10 3D Blu-ray movies: Avatar

The film that kickstarted Hollywood’s current 3D love-in also happens to be far and away the best 3D Blu-ray we’ve seen to date.

Unlike far too many 3D films, Cameron shot his blockbuster using 3D cameras, after a long period of experimentation – and this ‘serious’, experienced 3D approach is evident in pretty much every frame of the film.

The use of depth throughout is immaculately judged, and is used to add a natural sense of space to the picture that genuinely increases its sense of spectacle and ‘other worldly’ wonder. The depth is never pushed so hard that it starts to become tiring, though.

The sharpness of the full HD 3D image is breathtaking too, and Panasonic’s Hollywood Labs, which mastered the disc, have managed to achieve this level of detail without leaving in seemingly any digital compression artefacts.

Overall the visual impact of the Avatar 3D Blu-ray is nothing short of spectacular, providing undeniable proof that 3D when done right can be a genuinely entrancing technology. In fact, you could even argue that in this instance it makes an otherwise pretty corny film unmissable!

Of course, though, there’s a tragic irony here, in that Avatar in 3D is still not readily available to buy in the UK. You can still only get hold of it if you buy one of a select group of Panasonic 3D products. Or if you can find a second-hand copy on ebay.

For the movie world to have restricted the availability of what’s clearly the premier 3D title for so long seems like one of the biggest cases of shooting yourself in the foot we’ve ever seen.