Roaming On Jajah To Cost Less Than An SMS

Showing that the EC didn't do enough...?

While roaming calls in Europe are about to become considerably cheaper that doesn’t mean they represent good value, unlike this…

‘Jajah Roam Home’ is a new service from the VoIP specialist which lets users make calls from their hotel rooms from as little as 1.7p per minute while calls to other Jajah users are free!

“Most people will think twice about using mobile and hotel phones to call home from overseas, preferring to send text messages instead,” added Roman Scharf, JAJAH co-founder. “This clever new service takes away the headache of worrying about extortionate bills. Now it’s just as cheap to call home as it is to send a text so, instead of getting stressed about extortionate bills, holidaymakers can focus on what’s really important – relaxing and having an enjoyable holiday.”

The service itself is simple and takes just three steps: 1. Register with Jajah 2. Set your hotel phone number and extension for your room prior to departure as the source number on your Jajah account 3. Use a computer or a web activated phone to go to and ring home. The call will be connected for the price of a local call plus the Jajah rate (free to other Jajah users or from 1.7p to 8.4p per minute). A full breakdown of Jajah rates can be found here.

The Roam Home service is up and running now. ”Roaming schmoming”.


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