RIM UK Chief Apologises For BlackBerry Outage

RIM is facing ever more angry customers as issues with its

BlackBerry services continue into a third day, leaving many without email, web

browsing and BBM.

Journalist Rob Kerr from OneMobileRing was present at the the BlackBerry Innovation Forum in London

this morning (Wednesday), where the UK

head of Research in Motion (RIM), Stephen Bates, told the audience that the

BlackBerry team were working hard to fix the problem: “We are working night

and day to solve the outage. Our apologies to all our customers.”

The issue first arose on Monday when BlackBerry users in Europe, the Middle

East and Asia (EMEA) reported problems with the various services.

The issue was linked to a server crash at a datacentre in Slough

but was believed to be fixed by Tuesday morning.

RIM BlackBerry Stephen Bates

However the same problems occurred again yesterday and so

far it hasn’t been fixed. “[We] thought we had found the problem but had

not. We are working around the clock to get to the bottom of the problem.”

BlackBerry users were angered by a preserved lack of public

response from RIM, though the company did issue a statement last night stating

it had experienced “a core switch failure within RIM’s infrastructure.” With a

huge number of BlackBerry users relying on their devices for work and email, RIM

will want to resolve the issue as quickly as possible,

No time scale was given by Bates today for when the services

would be restored however and looking at the number of angry messages flooding

Twitter, it could already have an adverse impact on future sales of BlackBerry


Update: BlackBerry’s latest service update doesn’t really tell us much but at least the company is staying in touch with its customers in some way.

BlackBerry Service update

Picture: OneMobileRing