New Star Wars: Battlefront mode could finally make it fun for offline gamers

Are you among the Star Wars: Battlefront gamers who’ve dumped the title following demoralising defeats during multiplayer missions? Well EA has a plan to bring you back to the light side.

The publisher has announced new a offline gameplay mode for Battlefront where gamers will be able to play against the computer or with friends without falling victim to the super Force powers on show within the online community.

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The new Skirmish mode will be available from July 20, will enable Battlefront owners to play against the AI on a solo mission, or with a friend using the co-op split screen mode.

There will be various difficultly levels across the Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron modes within multiple locations across the Star Wars galaxy.

Gamers will be able to avoid being chopped down within seconds on Hoth or enjoy more then a minute or two airborne on Sullust.

Battlefront, a huge seller for EA and DICE, earned mixed critical acclaim when it was released prior to the festive season.

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Controversially, it omitted a single player campaign mode in favour of a multiplayer-centric experience that, let’s be honest, got a little samey after a while.

If the offline modes help gamers to up their skill levels, perhaps they’ll reconsider rejoining the fray in time for September’s Death Star DLC release, which will include one “larger than life character you’ve been patiently waiting for.”
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