Resident Evil 8: What we’d like to see from the horror sequel

Resident Evil 7 was a masterful return to form for the previously tired survival horror franchise. By taking inspiration from decades of iconic horror games and cinema, Capcom crafted a soft reboot that felt fresh and exciting while retaining everything we love about the series. By essentially transporting its original 1996 formula to the modern day, Resi 7 is a standout for the series.

That being said, where could the series go next? Resident Evil 7 and all of its DLC are now released, so it’s only a matter of time until Capcom begins teasing the next instalment.

TrustedReviews has compiled everything we’d love to see from Resident Evil 8 alongside all the latest news, release date, trailers and our very own wishlist. 

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Resident Evil 8 release date – When could it come out?

Resident Evil 7 and all of its respective downloadable content has now launched. So, in theory, Capcom is free to start work on the next instalment. When we’ll see it unveiled remains a mystery, though.

Resident Evil 8 Story – What could happen?

SPOILER ALERT! Resident Evil 7 concludes with protagonist Ethan Winters defeating Eveline before being saved by a familiar face. Chris Redfield, now working for the Umbrella Corporation, emerges from a helicopter with a squad of heavily armed soldiers. This conclusion raises so many questions. Why does Redfield look so different? Why is he working for Umbrella? What are they planning? We expect many of these queries to be addressed in Resident Evil 8, which will no doubt see the introduction of a much wider threat. Umbrella cannot be trusted, that much is for sure.

Resident Evil 8 wishlist – What we’d love to see

resi 7

The return of classic enemies

The Baker Family were beautifully unpredictable in their ability to terrify the player, surprising us at every turn with a gnarly new transformation or fittingly grotesque set piece. Unfortunately, The Moulded enemies acting as our standard bullet fodder didn’t offer a similar level of threat.

They simply weren’t very scary, and easily dispatched with a well-placed headshot or two. Resident Evil 8 should reinvent some of the classic series favourites. We’re talking Lickers, Tyrants, Spiders and shuffling undead pulled straight from a classic Romero flick.

Capcom is in the perfect position to make these iconic enemies relevant again, bringing them into the modern era with new designs and abilities dead-set on murdering us. Giant Tarantulas in first-person are the perfect nightmare fuel.

Raccoon City 2.0

Resident Evil 7 was a soft reboot in all kinds of ways. Beloved motifs reworked to benefit the new formula, including iconic characters and locations. This being known, wouldn’t it be awesome to revisit Raccoon City? What if the virus first introduced in 7 made its way to the mainland just as Ethan returns to civilization.

This would be the ideal foundation for reintroducing the universe first established back in 1996. But instead of repeating the past, Capcom must strive to reinvent famed conventions and characters in a way that feels fitting of its newfound direction. Exploring such a sprawling metropolis in first-person sounds magnificent, more so when a new horror awaits around every blood drenched corner.

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A stronger final act

We’re drifting into spoiler territory once again, so tread carefully. The final third of Resident Evil 7 didn’t match the strength of its earlier chapters. The Baker Family was no more, leaving us to fend against the Moulded as the plot drip feeds us exposition before the big conclusion.

It’s all incredibly well done, pacing narrative drama against action in a way that seldom feels like a slog. However, it simply wasn’t as compelling as Ethan’s plight through the swampy confines of Dulvey, Louisiana. Resident Evil 8 needs to avoid this pacing pitfall, ensuring the closing chapters live up to the blood-curdling tension that comes before it.

Psychological horror

Resident Evil 7 did a fantastic job of making the player feel insecure in a world they grew to know so much about. The Baker Family Estate, much like The Spencer Mansion before it, was an interconnected maze that became ingrained in our minds the further we explored. Myriad doorways and hidden passages made a cohesive whole we were expected to memorise in order to succeed.

Capcom’s next entry should draw on this sense of subversive terror. Imagine spending hours navigating a specific building only to have it subtly transformed before you. Or, perhaps a mysterious force has been following us since the very beginning? Resident Evil is ripe for such exciting additions, especially now Konami has seemingly abandoned Silent Hill.

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