Refurbished iPad 2s Arrive at Apple Store

Apple has started selling refurbished iPad 2 tablets on its web store. You probably won’t be impressed by the savings, but the £40 off may encourage a few penny-pinchers still on the verge of purchasing.

More than six months after the launch of the iPad 2, Apple has started flogging refurbished units on its web store. You only save £40 off the standard retail price of the Apple tablet, making the 16GB Wi-Fi only edition £359, but it’s worth noting that Apple refurbs are a lot better than most. Each unit is given a new outer shell and battery. It’s only the internals that have been “pre-loved”, and the warranty is the same one-year deal as a brand new iPad 2.iPad 2
iPad 2 16GB – £40 more than a 64GB first-gen

It’s a little too big a leap to suggest that this foreshadows an imminent launch of the iPad 3 – rumoured to be in production already – but it does show that the iPad 2 isn’t really new anymore. Is it worth waiting to see what Tim Cook have in store for the next generation?

The best guesses of the world’s tech rumour mongers and analysts suggest it may have a Retina Display panel, offering far greater pixel density than the iPad 2, but the recent iPhone 4S revealed no clues as to what other specs may feature. The iPhone 4S is in fact slower than the current iPad 2 – they use the same dual-core A5 chip, but the smartphone is clocked at 800MHz where the tablet runs at 1GHz.
iPad 2

If the slight discount is enough to tip you over the edge, a range of refurbished iPad 2 models are currently available online. The bottom-end £359 Wi-Fi only 16GB edition is there in both black and white guises, as is the top-end white 64GB Wi-Fi 3G model. As it offers the same £40 discount as its cheaper cohorts, selling for £619, we doubt many will opt for one of these. iPad 2 refurbs – deal or daylight robbery? Let us know your thoughts below.