RED Unveils Scarlet-X Camera

Not content to let Canon have its moment in the spotlight with the announcement of its Cinema EOS C300 digital camcorder,

RED has popped up with the follow-up to its Epic camera in the shape of the smaller


The Scarlet-X is RED’s third camera, having launched the RED ONE in 2007, and features a S35 sensor,

burst shooting modes up to 12fps at full 5K resolution and is capable of 4K motion capture at speeds ranging from one to 30fps.

Going down to 3K will let you shoot at 48fps and 2k will get you 60fps.

RED Scarlet-X

The Red Scarlet-X is compatible with EF and PL lens mounts

and as well as Panavision, Anamorphic, and Nikon lenses. The addition of HDRx

reaches up to 18 stops of dynamic range, which RED says brings “digital images

closer than ever to the natural perception of the human eye.”

The RED scarlet will be priced at $9,750 for body-only and

up to $14,000 for a package including a Canon mount, SSD side module and Red

Pro 5in touchscreen and orders are now been taken on RED’s website.

 RED Scarlet-X

While RED was announcing its latest foray into the high-end

digital camcorder market, one of its biggest fans was giving us details of how

the RED Epic camera was working on one of the most anticipated films of 2012.

Peter Jackson is filming The Hobbit in 3D using 48 Epic

cameras, a lot more than was previously thought. Each of the cameras has been

named after members of Jackson’s

family, his pets and, oddly, The Beatles.

The fourth instalment of the video diary for the shoot,

takes us through some of the issues facing Jackson in shooting in 3D. It shows how each

camera rig has been built using two Red Epic cameras, one bouncing off a mirror

and one shooting through the mirror, to get the proper 3D effect.

The Hobbit is being shot at 5K resolution at 48fps to give

it a much more realistic feeling which has caused some issues for the make-up and

costume departments. Even the concept art is being produce in 3D.

It’s just frustrating that we’ll have to wait another 12 months to see it for ourselves.

Source: Red

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