Red Dead Redemption available on Xbox One via backwards compatibility

Red Dead Redemption is available to download on Xbox One right now via backwards compatibility.

Red Dead Redemption remains one of Rockstar Games’ most beloved titles, and for those yet to try it, you can head over to the Xbox One store right now and download it for just £6.24 if you’re an Xbox Live Gold subscriber (£8.74 for non-gold members).

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Xbox One backwards compatibility has gone from strength to strength since its introduction, putting Sony to shame with its lacklustre PS4 backwards compatibility offering.

Many Red Dead fans have eagerly awaited news of Red Dead Redemption 2 for years, but thus far Rockstar hasn’t played ball.

Hopefully it isn’t long before we head back out to the Old West once again, but until then it’ll be nice to enjoy John Marston’s adventure all over again.