‘RAZR Thin’ Smartphone Arrives

Finally run Windows Mobile 5.0 on a handset smaller than a ham sandwich.

The extra functionality of smartphones holds a lot of appeal for many customers but the added bulk has kept many away. HTC is about to change this.


Scheduled for a UK release on 10 May, the previously codenamed ‘Star Trek’ will be rebranded as the Qtek 8500 (personally I preferred the Kirk association). This clamshell handset will measure just 99 x 51 x 16mm, weigh a minuscule 99g and yet run a full version of Windows Mobile 5.0. Against this is the 65k, 2.2in screen but the 240 x 320 resolution should make it just as easy on the eyes as any of the current generation, larger smartphones.

How the navigation will be on such a small device remains to be seen, but with quad band GSM and EDGE connectivity it should be nippy enough as long as you can get a signal. There’s 64MB of RAM and 64MB of flash memory onboard and a microSD slot because you’re obviously going to need more. A 1.3MP camera also makes it into the mix and it is likely to ship for roughly £350 without a contract.

We don’t yet know which network(s) will pick up the Qtek 8500 (or ‘Spock’ as I’m going to call it) but I’m hoping one of them will be mine…