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This ray tracing demo shows how gorgeous games could look on PS5

Nvidia and Luminous Productions have released a real-time ray tracing tech demo showcasing the visual power of its current graphics technology, providing a glimpse at what could be possible on PS5

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It’s a very simple premise. An actress is backstage seemingly preparing for a performance, peering across a desk littered with all sorts of personal items, make-up brushes and other trinkets which really come to life thanks to reflections and deeper details made possible by ray tracing. 

The demo is both melancholic and seductive in its use of light sources, contrasting colours and a real distinguished sense of place. It ends with the woman blowing steam onto the mirror before her, drawing the Luminous Productions logo and walking away. Colour us impressed. 

While this demo was produced using an Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti and is running on some undeniable powerful hardware, it’s also a glimpse at what visual fidelity we can expect on  PS5 and Xbox 2

Both consoles are confirmed to support ray tracing, although it will be coming from AMD’s yet to be unveiled hardware as opposed to Nvidia. So, we could see something like this in Final Fantasy 16 if Luminous once again pitches in to help out. Chances are, they just might. 

Sony is yet to confirm specific hardware specs for PS5, but we do know that features such as ray tracing, backwards compatibility and significantly faster loading times will be present. It will also be capable of 8K resolutions, but we’ll believe that when we see it.

Either way, the next-generation of consoles will take advantage of ray tracing to make its world and characters look far more cohesive and realistic, providing a sense of depth we simply don’t see in lighting right now. If this is implemented into major exclusive efforts, it’s going to make many a jaw drop.