Land Rover has created a ridiculously ritzy £150,000 Range Rover SV

Range Rovers have always been pretty plush SUVs, but now there’s a take on the car that pushes it into the realms of extreme automotive luxury. 

For a price north of $200,000 (around £150,000), Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) unit will make you the most expense Range Rover ever, the SVAutobiography.

The type of money that would get you a flat outside of London, will provide you with a SUV that comes with long-wheelbase to accommodate ‘Executive Class’ rear seats with a massive 3.9 feet of legroom.

These seats can recline up to 40 degrees and offer a ‘hot stone massage’ feature adding an extra layer of luxury on top of the plush foam padding and leather covering.

It’s almost ridiculous, but this is an SUV for being driven around in. As, while the Range Rover has some fancy infotainment tech in the front – including a twin-screen Land Rover InControl Touch Pro Duo infotainment system – the real tech party is in the back.

Two 10-inch displays are mounded to the back of the front seats, which are navigated by controls on a centre console running the length of the car’s back. From here doors and tables and be electronically opened and deployed as if the idea of manually doing so it far too basic for the SVO fettered Range Rover.

Connectivity is provided through a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot, and if passengers get bored of all the tech, a fridge in located between the rear seats has the capacity for two wine bottles or four 600ml bottles of a beverage of choice.

Offering a little bit of old-school tech, a Zenith analogue clock can be found in the rear console, styled with yet another degree of moneyed plushness.

But the Range Rover can still pull practical duties along side ferrying blue-blooded individuals around. The rear seats in all their glory can still be folded down to open up more boot space, so it’s clear that Range Rover’s off-road practical heritage is still intact.

And if owners fancy getting behind the wheel for a change, there’s a gutsy 5-litre supercharged V8 option to tickle the motoring gland of people with enough money to mix luxury with high-end SUV performance.

Of course, there are cheaper Ranger Rovers in the market and SUVs from other car makers also offer plenty of luxury and performance for a lot less. But the SVAutobiography stands alone in also marrying Rolls Royce glamour with off-road credentials.

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