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Rainbow Six Siege’s shield glitches are finally fixed, so you can play Clash again

It’s been nearly two months since a series of Rainbow Six Siege glitches and exploits forced Ubisoft to disable operator Clash and the deployable shield gadget from the game while they worked on fixes. 

A false start saw Clash and deployable shields temporarily added back into the game with the release of the Phantom Sight update, but the glitches persisted, making Clash a godless killing machine as she could shoot through her own shield, in addition to being able to toss herself to the ground and immediately headshot you. 

Meanwhile, deployable shields could be shot through by several other defensive operators, allowing them to rinse the assaulting attackers and take them apart. Several other operators could attach deployable shields to their head, which has the side effect of making them look ridiculous but also nearly completely immune to bullets.

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These issues, hopefully, are completely resolved now. The fixes went out onto Rainbow Six Siege’s technical test server (TTS) last week, and now they are being brought across to live, with both Clash and deployable shields returning to play after their lengthy time in the sin-bin. 

Ubisoft says this fix could be followed up by further tweaks, claiming: “we’ll be closely monitoring the situation and may deactivate them once again if any issues arise.”

The studio has also said that the exploits have “highlighted the importance of reactivity on our part, and the need to act more quickly on issues of this magnitude. As such, our team will develop a more thorough outline for how we should respond to these situations moving forward, with the ultimate goal of improved reaction speed.”

Why not celebrate the fix with a blast on Rainbow Six Siege’s Wild West-themed Showdown mode