QNX-based BlackBerry Colt Coming Q1 2012 [Report]

RIM, the Canadian

manufacturer of BlackBerry smartphones, is currently going through a rough patch. It keeps telling us that it is a “transitional

period” and the first result of this transition could be the

BlackBerry Colt.

The transition spoken of is the move to the QNX operating system and website Boy Genius Report has gotten its hands on details of what is believed to be

the first BlackBerry smartphone to run on the platform, we first saw on the

much-maligned PlayBook.

It is believed

that the phone, code-named the Colt, will launch on schedule in Q1 2012, but in

order to get the phone out on time, RIM has had to make some compromises. The

first compromise is the presence of a single-core processor. At a time when

dual-core processors are becoming commonplace and quad-core processors are

around the corner, this could really hold the Colt back if true.

BlackBerry Colt

When the PlayBook

launched, it did so without a native email app. One of the reasons for this was

because RIM needs to rewrite its BlackBerry Enterprise Server code in order for

it to support the new QNX operating system. According to the sources speaking to BGR, the Colt will also

ship without a native email app as rewriting the code is proving to be

extremely difficult.

Internal testing

is currently taking place within RIM and sources say the software verification

team is well into the process. While keeping up with release schedules is

always welcome, releasing a phone in Q1 2012 with Q1 2011 specs seems like a bit of a

pointless exercise to us.

Let us know if

the new operating system excites you or if you will be sticking

with the recently launched BlackBerry OS 7 devices.

Source: Boy Genius Report