QNAP Announces Atom-powered TS-439 NAS Box

It was bound to happen eventually.

As great as netbooks are, I’ve long posited that there must be more uses for Intel’s Atom PCU than just powering low-powered sub-notebooks. QNAP, makers of such NAS boxes as the TS409 turbo NAS, seems to agree having crammed a 1.6GHz Atom into its TS-439 Pro Turbo NAS.

A 4-bay affair, the TS-439 can will take up to 6TB of storage internally. However, two eSATA ports and an impressive five USB ports mean that yet more hard drive space can be added, even if no more drives can be placed inside the TS-439. In addition to that Atom CPU, there is 1GB of RAM, and dual gigabit Ethernet ports, which should result in a pretty flexible and nippy NAS device.

It’s not just the hardware that’s been taken care of. As per the TS-409, QNAP’s Online RAID Capacity Expansion and Online RAID Level Migration technologies allow RAID arrays to me modified without any device downtime. Furthermore, 256-bit AES volume-based encryption is supported, alerts can be sent by both SMS and email plus there’s a web server with PHP support and MySQL, pre-installed Joomla (a popular CMS) and XDove email server.

At £550-odd with no discs the TS-439 is hardly cheap, but if you want features you’ve got to pay for them.

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