Pure Highway 300Di Promises In-Car DAB

Pure has announced an update to its Highway in-car DAB radio

which will allow you to pause and rewind live radio as well as fully control of

your iPhone, iPod or iPad music collections.

The original Pure

currently accounts for 80 per cent of all

retro-fitted in-car digital radio solutions but the new model will require

professional fitting unlike the original which was a DIY job.

While the added hassle of having to go to Halfords (currently

the only authorised fitter) is a bit of a pain, it will mean you get a tidier

fit, with no need for holes to be drilled and no loose cables. Also the fitting

is free until the new year, but will cost £24.99 after that.

The Pure

Highway 300Di, which costs £179.99, can be

fitted in a place in the car to suit the model and driver – such as the dashboard or the

glove box. It features a removable controller unit with OLED display, an active

glass-mount aerial for better reception, a 3.5mm line-in cable and a USB cable

for your iDevices.

There are 30 DAB presets available through the controller

unit, which features nice backlit buttons. The aerial will be fitted to both

sides of the windscreen which promises the “best possible digital radio


Highway 300Di has dual tuners, which constantly update a

‘dynamic station list’ so that all searchable stations are always available and

any regional stations are cut from the list when the user drives out of that

station’s area.

The Pure

Digital Highway 300Di is available now in Halfords

for £179.99 with free fitting until December 31 and the old Highway model is

available as a self-fit for £79.99.

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