Pure Contour 100Di Available For Under £100

Pure has launched an update to its Contour radio/speaker

dock but instead of adding new features, it’s decided to strip down the size

and functions – but more importantly, also the price.

The Pure Contour 100Di is the baby brother of the Pure Contour

we looked at earlier this year but as well as reducing its size, it has reduced

its price to just £99 – down from around £190 on the larger model.

However the reduced price means that you don’t get a

fully-fledged internet radio, with only DAB and FM available. But Pure is quick

to point out that with an iPod, iPhone and now iPad connected and Pure’s

Lounge App downloaded (or any other iOS internet radio app we presume), you get

exactly the same functionality.

It has retained the same styling as the original but has also added physical navigation buttons on the top of the speaker, replacing the rather fiddly touch buttons of the first Contour.

Pure has also tweaked the retracable dock itself and it now resembles

one of those car ashtrays you press on one side to make it appear. On initial

use, the action seems very good and much neater than the docking mechanism on

the original.

Because of the lack of an inbuilt internet radio, the

interface has also been stripped down, which is no bad thing. Of course, with reduced size,

comes reduced power and the 36W power output of the original has been whittled down

to just 20W.

The Pure Contour 100Di is now available from Amazon for £99.99. We’ve just got one of these into our labs and will be bringing you a full review very soon, but for now, let us know in the comments what you think of this slimmed-down Contour.

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