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PupPod: Play with your dog from anywhere in the world

If you’re away from home and missing your pooch, PupPod could be for you.

It’s a toy that lets you play and interact with your dog from anywhere in the world. As a reward of acting a certain way, they’ll get a treat from the treat dispenser. But the game evolves, so they’ll have to keep in training in order to get more treats.

Not only will it let you play with your dog, it’ll also curb its destructive and unruly behaviour. Double win.

It uses the operant conditioning method. Other benefits for your dog include a longer attention span and even postponing senility. It will also – hopefully – mean your mutt is tired by the end of the day, so won’t be restless the minute you get home.

Whenever your pup starts playing with the PupPod, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone. You can then tune in and watch live video of what’s going on. You can also record the video and watch it back later, and see his stats on the doggie dashboard.

The toy itself has an accelerometer, so knows when it’s been touched. It can play sounds from its speaker to get your mutt’s attention, and should last for two to three months on four AA batteries.

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The firm says it will release other dog toys in the future, so this could be part of a whole ecosystem. You can buy it with or without the treat dispenser.

It’s raised $14,000 of a $25,000 goal and has nine days to go. If successful, it will ship in February.